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I have a poor grasp of time, which is why I can’t remember when it was that my friends moved to Korea (or, that is, began moving to Korea). Was it a year ago? Anyways, I do remember their love for our Community Night crowd and the fact that they left behind a few very nice suits in case anyone from Community Night was in need.

I was beginning to feel like those suits had been hanging in my office for a bit too long when, lo and behold, a man dropped in a few Saturday nights ago and was going to a hearing regarding his daughter’s custody. The suit fit absolutely, positively perfectly!

Thanks Doug and Ann!

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service?

Some months ago a young man came up our steps during a Saturday night and he was out of control. He was obviously high on something. Probably crack. We showed him kindness and were (largely) patient with him as he was irratic and demanding. Pastor Bill prayed with this man on a few occasions and you could see a marked change – something at least akin to peace.

The other week this same young man came up on Tuesday night – while we were having a congregational meeting. Continue reading