New Project: “Becoming Acquainted with the Psalms”


Hello again! I am starting a blogging and resourcing project regarding the Psalms.

I will successively walk through each of the 150 psalms, providing first a title for the psalm, drawn from within the psalm itself. That title will be either a sort of summary verse that grabs the heart of the psalm, or a famous line from the psalm.

So, for instance, Psalm 1 could very easily take for its title the very first words of the first verse: “How blessed is the man….” Or, for Psalm 95, I might choose the first part of verse 6, which quickly draws my mind to a song written in 1980 that I know: “Come let us worship and bow down.”

Second, after supplying a helpful title I will provide a brief paragraph that summarizes the psalm. I will also try to draw references to other passages in the Old and New Testaments that might well accompany our study of the individual psalm.

The post on Psalm 8 might look something like this:

O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth! (V.1a, 9).

God’s wonderful work of creation. God has ordained man – the son of man – to rule over it all. God receives praise from infants, which puts His enemies to shame. See Hebrews 2:5 (and following).

Third, I hope to somehow “bring it home” by offering a question to carry with us throughout the day as we ponder the psalm.


My plan is to give a good overview and synopsis of the Psalms insofar as God has blessed me with insight into them. The goal is to help us memorize the Psalms more fully. In the end I want to offer you a sort of quick-reference guide to the psalms, which can be easily consulted. The psalms are not to be substituted, but because this is such a big book and sometimes overwhelming in scope, I want to aid us in our becoming more and more acquainted with the psalms.

My hope is to go through the whole Book of Psalms over the next six months.

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